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Which Social Platform Is Right For Your Business?

If your brand has officially decided to join the 40 million other small businesses that are on social media, congrats! Your business is already one step closer to building awareness, driving revenue, and increasing exposure for your brand. However, the next step is often the most daunting: deciding which social media platform to join. It’s a basic question I am constantly asked, with a not so basic answer.

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7 Reasons Your Business Should Be On Social Media

Welcome to my first blog post, everyone! What better issue to address for my newly launched social media management and marketing company than “The 8 Reasons Your Business Should Be on Social Media.”  It's why I started Sincerely, Social in the first place! In a time where it feels like a brand's success is heavily influenced by the number of followers and likes it acquires, I wanted to help businesses from falling behind. So without further ado, here are my 8 reasons your brand should be on social media if it is not already.

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