4 Ways Social Media Can Help Boost Your SEO

SEO and social media marketing are two closely knit aspects of online marketing. Both of these focus on inbound organic strategies to attract more visitors and build a strong consumer base. Social media relies on top-quality content for solid brand presence. The efforts you put in for SEO can double up the social media reach and bring in more traffic.

1. Your social media efforts can lead to quality backlinks.

While ranking science on backlinks has evolved over the years, the number of quality backlinks a website has is still an important ranking factor for search engines. As a result, link building or link earning is still a widely-used tactic among marketers—and your social media pages can be the perfect staging ground for enticing links.

The logic here is pretty simple. Social media marketing is all about sharing your best of the best content, and fostering engagement around that content. The more engaging your content, the more people will share, and the more opportunities people will have to find and link to your content.

2.  Social media increases the visibility of your content—which is ultimately the goal of SEO.

If you have quality content in hand, social media can serve as the quickest and most efficient broadcasting channel. Bringing your content to existing and high-value discussions and threads will help enhance your reputation and reach.

One way to do this is whenever your company attends local events, take pictures, use relevant hashtags, and make posts and invite the residents to like and comment. Consistently doing so will help reinforce your engagement with the community and thereby make you more visible in local searches

3. Builds Brand Awareness and Authority

Social can be utilized to build not only awareness but also brand authority. Sure people are more wary about fake information and news on social media compared with a few years ago but that does not mean that engaging in a well thought out, high quality social media campaign will not develop your brand in the eyes of the public. Guess what? When they go to search for a product they may even search directly for your brand name or associated search terms which are directly related to your brand. Failing that, if your brand name is the one result that they know within the search results, it can increase your click-through rates from search.

4. Profile Information on Social Media Channels Helps Local SEO

One of the biggest benefits of local SEO is getting your business’s name, address and phone number (NAP) out there. Most social media profiles have a place for you to fill out this information. Be sure you are consistent with NAP for the search engines and third-party listings. At the end of the day, your information is more likely to populate the results of SERPs if you put that information on social platforms.

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Ultimately, the web is all about building relationships, fostering audiences, expressing identity and sharing ideas––it’s inherently social, and there’s no reason that SEO best practices would go against the grain, especially since the rules that govern SEO are ultimately meant to make the web a more enjoyable and useful place.

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