In today's connected world, it feels like every person, place, and thing is on social media. As such, a business’s ability to maintain a successful online presence is often the first thing potential customers will seek out. And while the Internet does offer the tools to get a brand’s message out there, most businesses are completely lost in this oversaturated space.

Creating a successful online business strategy takes more than mindless posting for the sake of showing up on someone’s newsfeed. At Creative House Social, we believe every brand’s message is unique, and their online presence should be an extension of that identity. Implementing tailored social media strategies has the ability to increase a brand’s awareness, drive customer engagement, and ultimately grow your business.

Hannah Ruben, Owner

Creative House Social was founded in 2016 by Hannah Ruben, who had been working in public relations and social media marketing for the past six years. She noticed that despite how connected social media allows us all to be, many businesses were struggling with the transition of having to maintain their brand’s presence online. In a space that is oversaturated with content, Hannah wanted to help businesses ensure their voice is not lost.

Hannah works alongside businesses of all stages in their social media journey; whether they need guidance shaping their overall message, or need to create an online strategy from the ground up. By using a ‘backwards’ approach, she finds out the brand’s ultimate long-term, short-term, and immediate goals, and then helps them navigate necessary steps to succeed. Hannah now found her passion in helping other small business owners bring their brand to life whether it’s through website design, custom styled marketing materials, social media strategy, or brand consulting.

When she isn’t working alongside brands online, you can find Hannah at brunch on an outdoor patio in Los Angeles, or taking an obscene amount of selfies with her English Bulldog, Mo. 


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